Stephen Hekman and Mark Badhwar have been organizing euro a go go coinciding with the retail industry’s flagship event - EuroShop since 2005. “We combined our experiences to organize a unique opportunity to participate in an exciting and event-packed programme, to maximize your EuroShop experience including a post-show curated ‘Retail Road Trip’”.

EuroShop 2017 saw the biggest go go gang yet with 180 people with representation of attendees from over 32 Retailers and 28 Architectural/Design firms that offered an unparalleled experience culminating with our Copenhagen Retail & Design Road Trip. Check out the go go retail brochures and go go programme guide for all the highlights of our 2017 go go itinerary in our gallery!

We will be planning for yet another amazing retail focused and content rich programme and itinerary, made possible with the support of our great go go sponsors.

We invite you to come and experience go go and EuroShop for yourself in Düsseldorf February 16th – 20th,  2020, and our Retail Road Trip, February 20th – 22nd . We are currently finalizing the details for the exciting city to host our traditional after show trip! Stay tuned ….you won’t be disappointed!

our mission

To organize a programme and brand experience that centers around providing the best EuroShop experience possible in a one-stop package. An itinerary tailored for Retail professionals to maximize your time and ensure that you get the most out of attending the largest, most important retail interiors show on the global calendar.  Our traditional after show Retail Road Trip, offers curated content and narrative of some of the most exciting retail, design and culturally exciting cities in Europe.